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List of Document Types [a-551]
Name Code Scope note Synonyms
account a-551-1001 A document that records monies received or spent by a single person or organisation used for book keeping or auditing purposes. accounts
antiphonal a-551-1002 A book that contains the proper chants for the Divine Office: the antiphons, invitatories and responses, arranged chronologically according to the liturgical year. antiphonary, antiphonarium, liber antiphonarius, antiphonale, antiphoner
benedictional a-551-1003 A book that contains the blessings pronounced by the bishop during the Mass after the Pater noster. May contain other episcopal liturgical functions as well. benedictionale
bible a-551-1004 A book that contains the text of the bible or a constituent part thereof, in the normal order, suitable for study or consultation. Liturgical manuscripts containing extracts of the scripture organised according to the liturgical calendar are not included. biblia
book of hours a-551-1005 A prayer book for private (not corporate or liturgial) devotions containing abbreviated versions of votive offices and other prayers. hours, horae, getijdenboek
breviary a-551-1006 A book that contains all of the proper items for the Divine Office in chronological order for the entire liturgical year. Often separated into a winter (Advent-Pentecost) and summer part. breviarium, horae canonicae, officia
cantatorium a-551-1007 A book that contains the chants sung by the cantor, that is, the gradual alleluia sung by the soloist and the tract. Sometimes used as another term for the gradual.
cartulary a-551-1008 A codex (or roll) that contains copies of a collection of charters normally from the archival collection of a single beneficiary.
catechism a-551-1009 A book that contains an elementary treatise for instruction in the principles of the Christian religion, normally in the form of question and answer.
ceremonial a-551-1010 A book describing in detail the ceremonial actions of all participants in a liturgical rite. Does not contain the texts or chants used in the rite. caeremoniale, ceremoniale
chapter book a-551-1011 A book for the liturgy of the Prime for the so-called office of the chapter. It normally contains a martyrology, a lectionary, a rule and a necrology. Chapter books are often composite manuscripts resulting from the combination of different codicological units each containing one or more of the aforementioned components. officium capituli, liber capitularius, liber capituli
charter a-551-1012 An original legal document, normally written on a single piece of parchment and usually authenticated by means of a wax or metal seal, sometimes a graphic sign. A charter can be exceptionally in codex format. deed, deeds, charters, bull, bulls, bulla, indulgence
choirbook a-551-1050 A large codex containing composed polyphonic masses and music for other liturgical services that was used for performance by a choir in a chapel or church.
collectar a-551-1013 A book that contains the collects (prayers) for the Divine Office. It may also contain other Proper items recited by the celebrant (capitula, antiphons, hymns). collectarium, collectarius, collectaneum, officiale
diurnal a-551-1014 A book that contains the chants and prayers for the daytime offices (Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Compline). diurnale, officium diurnale
epistolary a-551-1015 A book that contains excerpts from the Epistles and other scriptural texts read by the sub-deacon during Mass. epistolarium, ordo epistularum totius anni
formulary a-551-1016 A collection of sample letters or documents either to be used as a pedagogical tool for instruction, or to be used as a reference tool by chancery clerks in the drafting of letters or documents in the correct chancery style.
gospel book a-551-1017 A book that contains the full text of the four Gospels. evangeliarium, Evangelistarium, Evangelium plenum
gospel lectionary a-551-1018 A book with excerpts from the Gospels arranged in order of the liturgical year. evangelistary, evangelistarium, libellus evangeliorum, evangelary, evangeliary, pericope book
gradual a-551-1019 A book that contains the Proper chants of the Mass: the Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory and Communion. It may also contain a kyriale, with the ordinary chants; a sequentiary, with the sequence chants; and/or a troper, with additional tropes. graduale, antiphonale missarum, liber gradualis
guild's or confraternity's register a-551-1020 A register that typically contains the members' names. It may also contain rules or statutes, the oath taken by new members (often sworn on the register), transcriptions of privileges granted, inventories of precious objects, or the guild's or confraternity's landed propterty and income.
homiliary a-551-1021 A book that contains homilies, sermons and other patristic writings, used as lections during the night office (Matins). homiliarium
hymnal a-551-1022 A book (or section of a book) that contains liturgical hymns for use in the Divine Office. hymnary, hymnarium
lectionary a-551-1023 A book that contains lections or readings for use in the liturgy, either biblical extracts or excerpts from saints' lives or patristic writings, arranged in chronological order according to the liturgical calendar. A Mass lectionary contains only Bible pericopes while an Office lectionary will also have the other texts read during Matins. lectionarium, liber lectionarius, lectionarium plenum, lectionarium missae
legendary a-551-1024 A book that contains excerpts from saints' lives and patristic texts to be used as lections during the night office (Matins). Passionals, containing solely the lives of martyrs, are subsumed under this category. legendar, legendarium, passionary, passional
letter a-551-1025 The original document of a letter meant for dispatch to an addressee. It differs from a charter in that it is normally addressed to a specific person, does normally not record or constitute a change in legal rights, and does therefore not require legal authentification. letters
library book / reference book a-551-1027 Any book whose apparent purpose was to be part of a personal or institutional library, and that does not belong to any of the other categories.
map a-551-1028 A document that contains a schematic or realistic representation of the earth's surface or a part of it.
missal a-551-1029 A book that contains all of the proper items for the Mass arranged in chrnonological order according to the liturgical calendar. missale, missalis plenarius
mortuary register a-551-1030 Register that records the deaths of members of guilds or confraternities, either in the order of a liturgical calendar or per year under the day of their death.
mortuary roll a-551-1031 A roll that announces the death of members of a religious community to other associated communities asking them to remember them in their prayers. The mortuary roll was carried by a messenger to the associated communities, who entered their names to confirm receipt and to offer the requested suffrages. rotulus mortuorum
necrology a-551-1032 A list of names of deceased persons to be read out and remembered in liturgical services, ordered according to the liturgical calendar. Names are entered on the days the persons are to be remembered, not necessarily on the days they died. necrologium
nocturnal a-551-1033 A special type of breviary that contains only the proper items for the night office (Matins). nocturnale, matutinale, liber matutinalis
obituary a-551-1034 A list of names of deceased persons to be remembered in liturgical services, ordered per day of their death, mainly with reference to the monies paid or income received to support the remembrance services and the obligations of the community in remembering the deceased. In contrast to a necrology an obituary did not have a liturgical function and the text was therefore not meant to be read out aloud during the liturgy. obituarium
obsequiale a-551-1035 A book that contains liturgical funeral rites.
ordinal a-551-1026 A book that contains a liturgical text describing the ceremonies for every day and for holidays for a specific church (cathedral, collegiate church or monastery church). directorium, ordo officiorum, liber ordinarius, ordinale, ordo servicii, ordinarium
pamphlet a-551-1036 A short document, often only consisting of one quire, that contains topical political or religious texts used in contemporary polemics. tract
pericope book a-551-1037 A non-liturgical collection of pericopes (readings from the Gospel), in the vernacular. Often a vernacular translation of a liturgical collection.
pontifical a-551-1038 A book that contains liturgical rites performed by a bishop. pontificale, liber pontificalis ordinis
prayer book a-551-1039 A non-liturgical manuscript that is not a book of hours and that contains various prayers.
processional a-551-1040 A manuscript with antiphons, hymns and responsories for use in processions. processionale, processionaris, processionarium
psalter a-551-1041 A book that contains the complete texts of the Psalms in order. It is often a book section and may be found in combination with other books such as the antiphonal. psalterium
register a-551-1042 Any type of register or ledger that contains lists of information typically used by an institution to manage its property or to support certain legal, administrative or financial processes, for example feudal registers listing a lord's vassals, feudal register, register of rents, register of tolls
ritual a-551-1043 A book that contains liturgical rites other than the Mass and Divine Office that are performed by a priest. agendum, manuale, liber officialis, parochiale, pastorale, sacerdotale, sacramentale, liber manualis
sacramentary a-551-1044 A book that contains the proper items for the Mass that are recited by the officiant or priest. sacramentarium, liber sacramentorum
school book a-551-1045 A textbook used for instruction in a parish or monastery's school.
sequentiary a-551-1046 A book (or book section) that contains the sequences for the Mass. Normally part of a gradual or missal. sequentiarium
troper a-551-1047 A book (or book section) that contains just the tropes, additional texts and music inserted before and between the proper chants of the Mass. troparium, tropary
university pecia exemplar a-551-1048 A copy of a text studied at university prepared by stationers licensed by the university to be rented out per quire for copying in installments.
vesperal a-551-1049 A book that contains only the proper items for the office of Vespers. vesperale