MMFC:Lists/ID types

From Manual - MMFC. Medieval Manuscripts in Flemish Collections

Record types

Record TYpe ID Prefix CA Type CA Sub-type Range Start ID ASSIGNMENT Example
Manuscript mmfc- ca_objects msIdentifier
10001 Automatic serial number, starting at 50001 for manually created records; 10001-50000 reserved for imports mmfc-52130
Collectiewijzer Erfgoedbibliotheken cweb- ca_collections colTop
10001 Automatic serial number cweb-10265
Contact a-000- ca_entities person 1001 Automatic serial number a-000-1658
Organisation a-100- ca_entities organisation 1001 Automatic serial number a-100-2315
Personal name a-001- ca_occurrences namePersonal 1001 Automatic serial number a-001-1012
Corporate name a-101- ca_occurrences nameCorporate 1001 Automatic serial number a-101-1512
Work title a-301- ca_occurrences nameWork 1001 Automatic serial number a-301-2104
Period name a-481- ca_occurrences namePeriod 1001 Automatic serial number a-481-2356
Topic a-501- ca_list_items n/a 1001 Manual serial number° a-501-1230
Manuscript category a-502- ca_list_items n/a 1001 Manual serial number° a-502-1010
Location name a-511- ca_occurrences nameLocation 1001 Automatic serial number a-511-1520
Tag Collectiewijzer a-530- ca_occurrences termColTag 1001 Automatic serial number° a-530-1346
Document type a-551- ca_list_items n/a 1001 Manual serial number° a-551-1002
Genre a-552- ca_list_items n/a 1001 Manual serial number° a-552-2003
Publication a-901- ca_occurrences biblioArticle
1001 Automatic serial number a-901-1253
Data source a-911- ca_occurrences data 1001 Automatic serial number a-911-1012
Collection illustration m-00- ca_object_representations colIllustration 10001 Automatic serial number m-00-12356
Object reproduction m-01- ca_object_representations objBinding





10001 Automatic serial number m-01-10523
Company logo m-02- ca_object_representations logo 10001 Automatic serial number m-02-10002

°) Due to technical limitations


  • All identifiers initially have 10 positions.
  • Catalogue records have a catalogue specific prefix (mmfc, cweb ); all supporting authority files have a as a prefix, media files have m .
  • For the rest: Numbers only, no meaningful text strings that may need to be changed later on.
  • First two digits of authority identifiers are inspired by MARC field codes (; no issue if we need to abandon this at some point. A third digit is added to distinguish between different lists of a similar type.
  • For media, we can have multiple ranges when relevant. For now, we only distinguish between images related to collections or objects (manuscripts).