MMFC:Lists/Manuscript categories

From Manual - MMFC. Medieval Manuscripts in Flemish Collections

Each manuscript is assigned one of the keyword categories below. These keywords allow simple categorisations of all the manuscripts in the database or of subgroups, for example per collection or period. The categories are chosen so that each item can be classified using a single keyword.

List of Manuscript categories [a-502]
Name ID Scope notes
administration a-502-1001 Archival documents such as charters, cartularies, accounts, inventories etc. Also treatises on economy and management.
astrology and astronomy a-502-1002
Treatises or reference works about astronomy and astrology, including charts, almanacs and calendars that give details of the movement of celestial bodies.
encyclopaedias a-502-1003 Any text that cover an encyclopedic range of subjects and that cannot be easily classified under any other term.
geography a-502-1004 Treatises and reference works dealing with human geography; travel literature, including itineraries; topographical and geographical maps.
history a-502-1005 All forms of history writing (annals, chronicles, biography, etc.) as well as collections or compilations of historical documents.
instrumental music a-502-1006 Instrumental music in any kind of notation. Vocal music is classified under either liturgy or lyric poetry.
language and writing a-502-1007 Essentially the subjects studied in the Trivium. It covers treatises, text books, and reference works, such as collections of sample letters, glossaries and dictionaries.
law and regulations a-502-1008 Treatises, commentaries and collections of legal texts, in relation to the legal systems studied at universities (Roman and canon law) and the legal systems that were in practical use during the Middle Ages (canon law and customary law). Collections or rules and regulations whether officially sanctioned or not, including monastic rules and constitutions, municipal statutes and regulations pertaining to institutions and organisations.
liturgy a-502-1009 Public worship in the context of organised religion.
lyric poetry a-502-1010 Lyric poetry in the narrow sense of the word, outside liturgy.
medicine a-502-1011 Study of the human or animal body, in particular in relation to morbidities and their treatments.
narrative literature a-502-1012 Narrative literary texts that cannot be satisfactorily classified under other subject headings. Narrative poetry is included here (text in verse form that contain a literary narration). Narrative texts with religious subject matter are classified under 'religion'.
natural science a-502-1013 Texts dealing with natural sciences, such as biology, physics, chemistry (including alchemy), and earth science. Astronomy and medicine are classified separately.
philosophy a-502-1014 Texts dealing with philosophical questions or focusing mainly on a philosophical approach to subjects.
religion a-502-1015 This covers most texts with a religious content or function. Liturgy and theology are classified separately. Monastic rules are classified under 'law and regulations'.
theology a-502-1016 Study of the deity and of the canonical writings or religious communities or societies.